Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sunrise from the eyes of my heart

Sorry it's bin a while guys & gals, but here we are :) the title explains this poem in a nutshell. I wrote this after I'd done my bible meditation a few mornings ago and just sat there wanting to praise God, it being morning, the sun was going to rise soon-ish and thus here we are.

Sunrise from the eyes of my heart

'Upon the glorious wings of dawn
I see a day revealed to me.
Rays of new light fill my eyes
as birds a a heavenly chorus sing.
None other than a maker's hand
could craft a sight as this.
Such care and beauty shown to all,
I find myself enamoured still.
As tides within me rise atop
the patient silence of my mind,
to sing my praise to him, who with one hand
painted every fleeting ray that dance before my eyes.
Oh what deep hued tones, what glory this,
my mind cannot compr'end.
The spectrum of my saviour's love,
painted upon the canvas of the heavens.
I can but watch, I dare not speak,
for here I see my creator speak.'

1 comment:

Welshie said...

great, as ever. love that one. thanks for sharing it Tim.

God rox!!!!