Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Walk the path I've paved for you

Chats about job hunting, uncertainty about where God's wants us, and trusting God in his perfect and good will for us have all inspired this poem:

Walk the path I've paved for you

Walk the path, my saviour said,
The one I’ve paved for you
And you will see the wonderous things
I’ve laid in store for you

I gazed upon the path I saw
But yet I looked away
I didn’t like the things I saw
This was not a known way

And so I took to looking down
To where my feet would tread
And let my footsteps fall
Where my thinking led

But as I walked, I realised
The joy I’d had grew cold
My confidence was far reduced
I strived now far less bold

I kept on walking, more distressed
At each new day that came
I didn’t feel as near as blessed
Each day now felt the same

I tried to lift my eyes to see
Where my steps might take me
But couldn’t bring myself to look
At else than my dusty feet

And then I would begin to fear
Just what would lie ahead?
Around the corner I couldn’t peer,
By me, could I be led?

Yet as the serpent spoke his lies
My saviour spoke to me
His voice, refreshment to my soul,
His words, gave peace to me;

‘Walk the path’, my saviour said,
‘The one I’ve paved for you
And you will see the wonderous things
I’ve laid in store for you’

Focus on the final flag,
The prize that you shall claim
Draw from grace your joy in all
And set your heart upon the same

His hand he offered, his hand I took,
Together we walked on
two feet in front I need not look at,
but on the distant son

‘the journey may be difficult’
He said as walked on, we,
‘But my will for you is perfect
Just trust, and walk with me’



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doonhamer geordie said...

Inspired words!
Thanks, as always, for your encouragement...