Monday, June 16, 2008

Running on grace

Running on grace

Is it really that time already?
I could have sworn it was half-past eight.
But it's now that I'm fast realising
that I'm once again working quite late.

This teaching malarkey's quite draining,
well, 'quite' is a kind way to say
that my energy's drained by the morning
and I ought to be dead by the day.

But despite work I find I'm still going,
it doesn't make sense in my mind.
As the hours I keep (with my severe lack of sleep)
ought to knock me for six in my mind.

So I break for a mo, grab my coffee,
and think why this strange thing should be,
that in spite of the lack of my physical rest
I'm fuelled with enough energy.

My breakfast is just 'bout enough
to last til the mid-morning breather,
but after that's over, work's white cliffs of Dover
loom high over tea's brief reliever!

As for lunch, there I'm working as well,
with the afternoon work needing prep
so rest gets no look-in when children just book in
for that chat that will raise up their pep.

Dinner is rushed, true to say,
and the evenings have so much in store!
That by time home I'm led, the sun's gone to bed,
and I'm back to eight-thirty once more!

So my question has come around again,
how come I've not burned myself out?
Thus with clinical reason, through this ridiculous season,
I learn what my strength's all about.

It's not been the food that I've eaten
and definately not much from rest,
by all human reason, in this Tim-hunting season,
I should have failed this physical test.

Yet I haven't - may I hazard just why?
So simple, a reason, I know,
but when your engine is paced by the joy from that grace,
your fuel never quite runs too low.

This strength, so I learn's, just enough
to do what's required of me.
So may I continue, to walk, his strength in me,
and in grateful, and thankfulness be.

So now at 12:12 comes day's end,
and off to bed now I will lead.
My sleep may seem short, and less than it ought
but in his hands it's just what I need.

Tim Caird - 17/06/08 (12:12am)



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