Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's snow time!

A cheesy pun? Most definately :)

So much snow; so many learning opportunities! We've spent about a third of the last couple of school days playing learning in the snow. One of my children came up to me and asked when they were going to starting learning today? I pointed out we'd been building team-building skills (PSHE), throwing snowballs (based on our English explanations for 'How to throw a snowball at a teacher') and DT/Art - creating snowmen and igloos. Yes, I did get a blank look. My kids rock!

Friday evening and Saturday has been restful and full of sledging with my mum and dad; one of the advantages of living near a steepish slope. Below is the evidence of the fun had!

The snowman at school with the 'empty tummy' as he became known.

Me, dad and mum after a crazy half our on the piste.

Having hung up my salopettes, it's back to the prep for assessment week at school. But what a fantastic day and a half so far. And what an amazingly beautiful creation we live in :)



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