Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back from the hermitage

It's been far too long since I last blogged, so I thought (encouraged by Cat) that I'd pop up an update. The first half of term has absolutely whizzed by and before I know it, I'm into assessment week! This means lots of papers for my poor kids, and a lot of inspiration from me to get them in the mood to do them ;)

School's crazy at the moment, and I'm gaining 2 kids too! Very exciting, though part of me feels sorry for them as they'll be coming straight into test week. Oh yes, and something very exciting is that I've just started hunting for a house in Reading.

Adam (my housemate) have been looking around some very cool little houses and are waiting to hear back from an estate agent or 2 about severla places that we liked the look of. Progess will be posted!

If you're curious, I had a bit of a 'sad moment' (as my dad would put it) and videod the inside when we went to look around! Here's the vid, and feel free to ignore the ramblings in the background ;)

Anyhoo, I'd best be back off to get my planning sorted for tomorrow. But I'll finish on something that someone very special to me reminded me of yesterday re: work. I've been struggling a lot recently with confidence in my work, being reminded a lot from school that I've got numerous targets to meet, and the realisation hit that I've allowed the joy I have in Jesus to wane and be side-lined to 'scheduled time' with Him, rather than allowing it to sink in across the whole day. And what amazing joy it is! Why should we be allowed such amazing grace? It's something I enjoy not being able to understand. Allowing God's amazing grace to blow your mind does you a power of good :)

And as for work, I've been reminded how allowing the joy in the hope we have in Jesus to inspire your work gives you such courage and tenacity that you begin to realise how the apostle Paul chose to share the gospel with the whole of Caesar's household when he was slammed in prison. Awesome stuff. Now, time to plan!



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