Thursday, July 02, 2009

A meditation

A meditation on God's character

Lord, your goodness surprises me,
surpassing my miniscule imagination
overwhelming what I think is good
and nourishing me more than I thought possible.
Your faithfulness leaves me breathless,
winded by your grace.
My heart skips as I allow it to enter me freshly.
Peace should not be this simple to receive!
All it takes is a bowed knee,
the confession that I was wrong,
the recognition of my selfishness,
and a heart-felt sorry.
I reflect that I cannot change in my own strength.
I tried, and keep trying,
but I know it's not enough. It never is!
I'm just not strong enough.
Make me strong in your strength
may I stand on you, my rock.
Let me soar like the Japanese bullet train,
fuelled and inspired by your spirit.
Your strength never runs out,
your spirit never runs dry.
I've tried so much,
yet nothing comepares to you:
Only you can satisfy me.
You alone, my Lord, my God.



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