Friday, August 14, 2009

There and back again, a short person's tale

Hurrah for sun and sea and Ticket to ride! My family and I have just been amazingly blessed to enjoy a week in Majorca with a range of books, games and exploration up the island's sheer hills and things to do. Highlights have to be the Western Waterland (waterpark) with its 30m (!!!) near-vertical waterchute, the Pirates Adventure (seriously, watch the trailer -- it was amazing!) and the real luxury of being able to enjoy spending time with my mum, dad and sister.

Amongst the craziness and relaxing of the week, I wrote a small number of poems & songs which I'll be posting soon. Some are based from the balcony of the hotel we stayed in, and others are somewhat more from the (often somewhat worrying) depths of my mind. I hope some make you smile, and others, to reflect.

I'm now officially moved back in with my folks in Swindon as well. As some of you may know, I've had a challenging first year's teaching, but have known God's amazing grace & the blessing through friends like Dave and Marie, Adam, Si, Lizzie, Frazer and the rest of the Carey 20s and 30s, not forgetting my very patient and loving girlfriend Cat who's kept me smiling and joyful in Jesus' hope more times than I care to count!

One thing I have found constantly encouraging this year and currently is how the hope I am amazingly allowed to have in Jesus keeps me worry-free (in theory!) I've been very challenged this year about what I cling to and where I find my security. I've been reminded that my security and hope doesn't lie in my job, a mortgage or house or the place I live, nor the church I attend. My hope for tomorrow lies squarely in Jesus for my patience, energy and peace (about jobs and so many other things). Proverbs 3v5-6 has resounded throughout this year, and has become something of a guiding light as I've weathered the peaks and troughs of recent times in particular:

'Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight'

I love how God's plan doesn't depend on my state of mind, feelings, cash flow or concerns. He promises simply to 'make your paths straight'. And how twisted I seem to love to make my path!

So I'm currently applying around Swindon and the rest of Wiltshire for supply teaching, with a view to find a job in the area this year. Eyes will be kept to the ground -- let me know if you hear any Upper primary jobs come up! And if you happen to be in the area of Junction 15 of the M4, do pop by for a cup of tea of coffee - the kettle's always on the boil with 3 teachers under 1 roof ;)



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Clare Revell said...

Does this mean you're not looking in Reading anymore?

Timmy C said...

Sadly so Clare, yep. As I don't have a job lined up for September, I've had to relocate back to Swindon! I'll be coming back to Carey some weekend soon to say goodbye to people though :)