Friday, August 21, 2009

With Jesus, I'll walk (through this shadowy land)

With Jesus, I'll walk (through this shadowy land)
A meditation on Habakkuk 3v17-19

I may be made redundant, my job taken away,
my house reposessed where, for 10 years, I've stayed,
my stocks daily drop, as I look at the Times,
my investments shrink, draining dollar and dime,
my friends may well leave as my wealth starts to fade,
my family be worried for the plans that we'd made,
though all that's material be taken away,
I'll cling to the rock of the one who will save:
my strength and my joy, my treasure and worth
are found in my Lord, king of all of this earth.
He will make clear, a path, where we'll walk hand in hand
with Jesus, my joy, through this shadowy land.



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