Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Live it, love it, show it

A response to Cat's recent post on fascinating people to the gospel:

Live it, love it, show it

Help us hold out your love
on our tattered sleeves
reach your cry of love
to a world that screams
for a better way
and a better life,
when the hope that they need
is in the love of Christ.
Give us eyes to see
a hope beyond this world
not a fleeting note
but a truth foretold
which makes tempting things,
possessions, fade away
next to the satisfaction
of a life that's today,
and tomorrow, and on
through the highs and the lows
using trials and joys
to bring praise to his throne,
giving all up to him,
laying all at his feet,
shouting the message of truth
that can never be beat.
Living radical lives
where Jesus comes first,
living acts of mad love & joy,
sharing His thirst
for the dirty, the outcasts,
the hurting and lost,
the rich and the poor,
proud, angry and cursed,
overflowing with love,
living grace out each day
and not caring a jot
what the neighbours might say
but satisfied fully in Christ,
and no less.
Help us shoulder our cross,
and joyfully, hold out your best.



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