Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Song: Phoenix

Song: Phoenix
(No tune/chords yet, any suggestions greatly appreciated!)

born from the ashes
everything burnt away
leaving only potential
infinite possibility
remade in a whisper
re-created to be
dazzling to the soul and eye;
phoenix reborn.

Verse 1
I am dust
nothing left og what I was
dust stirring
to the warmth of your breath
life breathing, something´s changing
a heart transplant in the soul
this dust has been renewed
right through the whole.

Verse 2
Body soaring
on wings I didn´t have before
spirit lifted
by this wind that holds me up
Spirit speaking
move this heart to steer my course
blaze a trail
with this new-born fire in me.

Verse 3
Edged with fire
these wing tips scorch the air
no longer dullness
but brightness holds me here
holds me steady
while others flock to see
and wonder
at the change inside of me.

Verse 4
New skies opened
fresh paths cleared before
horizons beckon
now these wings are clipped no more
and eyes will watch
some in wonder, some in scorn
as this ball of dust
grasps the choice to be reborn.



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