Saturday, January 28, 2012

Everlasting God

Some thoughts on how God is trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) a couple of Sunday mornings ago prompted me to write a poem. And it is this amazing truth of God being Father, Son and Holy Spirit that sets him apart for me as a Christian.

Everlasting God
There in the beginning
Before all things were made
Father, Son and Spirit
the one-ness of God displayed.
Enjoying each other
sufficient together
the Trinity lived as one.
The everlasting God just was,
The Father, Spirit and Son.

There in creation
the whole world was yours
created by your hand
alone as sovereign God you stand.
All power was yours
yet you chose to create
a people t call your own.
The everlasting God worked there,
The Father, Spirit and Son.

There on the beam of the cross,
you were there in all, God.
Though we heckled and spat on
the lamb that you sent down
and Jesus contained my sin,
while the Father was forced to forsake
and the Spirit waited to come
the everlasting God,
spent for humanity.

There at the end of the age,
sin then no more,
the Son will return
as burning hearts yearn.
Victory complete,
the Everlasting God still will be!
Satan defeated,
and us with God united,
for all eternity.


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