Saturday, January 28, 2012

There in the garden

Yesterday morning I was thinking about Cat being away on the international outreach in London and I was struck that what they are holding out to these international students is not a faith system, or an ideology or religion, but Jesus. And that will start or continue a journey for all of them that brings them to either accept or reject the claims of Jesus recorded in the bible. Though in truth, as a Christian I believe that our choice to walk away from a relationship with God began in a garden, many years ago. How amazing it is that he still pursues us to restore it now!

There in the garden
There in the garden,
my shame complete.
I chose to take what
I did not need.
For all the riches
that I could want
had been given me in God
A piece of fruit
my biggest fall,
yet not the fruit
but my all in all
was what I lost
that cursed day
I chose myself over my god.

For the life he'd given me was good
though lacking every modern thing
In the garden, I walked with God,
After I only walked in sin.

There on the hilltop,
my anger raged
against a man from Galilee
As he lay there
nailed to a cross
he bid his Father forgive me
and with a cry
he breathed his last
yet there was love there
in those eyes.
I'd been so lost
but in that moment
I was no longer despised.

For the life he'd given up was good
so blameless that he took my sin.
On that hilltop, I looked on God
the God who took away my sin.

There on that mountain
when Christ returns
and every eye at last shall see
my sin forgotten,
my life restored,
he shall return in victory.
And this old Earth
shall melt away
restored to how it once was made
no longer strangers
but sons we'll reign
beside our God.

For the life he's given me is good
it will not tarnish nor grow old
but but ever draws me on to his day
when he will glorious, return.


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