Thursday, August 16, 2012

You called me yours

A long time since my last blog post but there you go!  May I ask you a question?  Who are you?  Are you your job?  Are you a husband or a wife?  Are you loved by friends or colleagues?  I find all too easily I'm satisfied to be just that - defined by my job, being a husband or liked by people.  It's so easy to settle for something easy to see.

Whatever goes through my mind though, I'm thankful for one thing above all others; I am God's.  I am reminded that I am his child.  I am reminded that aside from all these other things that I could try to define my life by, that I am his.  First and foremostly, I am a child of God.  That, though SO easy to forget, is by far the most comforting, encouraging, emboldening and scandalously crazy fact of my life. Nothing else defines me better than a loser loved by the almighty God.  This song goes some way to reflect my loser-ish nature, yet God's scandalous love in spite of this.

You know I never knew
All that you actually were
Not just the lies I’d heard
But you were so much more
A man and God combined
Could this be true at all?
Could this be true at all?

You saw the worse in me
But chose me anyway.
You knew the secrets I hid
You gave yourself for me.
You heard me shout aloud
Against the things you gave
And yet you called me yours
And yet you called me yours.

I heard the things you said
They took me by surprise
They showed who I am
Not just the guilt inside
To learn I was your child
A person loved by you
A person loved by you

I stood up on that hill
Took the easy way
Picked up the crowd’s own chant
Threw it in your face
I knew your true identity
It was too much for me
It was too much for me.

I watched you on that hill
Take all the flak for me
Bore my very sin
Upon that cross for me
Died for every thing I’d done
Instead of me
Instead of me

Final refrain
You called me yours.
You called me yours.


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