Sunday, February 03, 2013

Poem: A simple meal

Just a piece of bread,
Or is it something more?
A sip of red wine,
Or a more significant picture?
I tell you I've eaten good foods
A lover of tastes and flavours
That's me.
I love to cook and taste
And nibble and savour
Every morsel and every flavour.
But each was only a bite
A small offering to my rumbling belly.
But each bite of bread,
Thr smallest crust with my family
Reminds me of what you did, Jesus.
How you gave your body for me.
To be scourged and beaten
And nailed to a tree.
And that wine, tangy and sometimes sweet,
Maybe ribena for some tastes.
Each is good and perfect
In the picture it shares.
As Jesus hung up there for me,
His life dripping from him,
He turned to God and simply said
'Forgive them, they don't understand
What they've done.'
And then to a thief,
'Today you'll be with me.'
And not in the grave, but paradise.
In one mind it's a simple snack,
A bite of bread and a sip of the red stuff.
But to me and my family it reminds,
It moves and encourages.
It says I'm not alone, that I'm loved,
That my efforts aren't enough,
But Jesus' were and always will be.
That I am those people watching,
Yet also the thief, who joined Jesus that day.
It reminds me I am His,
a child cherished by an extravagent father.
It reminds me that my troubles are worth it,
That he knows them,
understands them,
Stands with me through them,
Cries with me when I cry,
Smiles when I laugh.
This is my God, my sweet Jesus.
He knew me as I really am
Yet still chose to die for me
So I could rejoin the family
And know his love, purpose and joy.
This simple meal, just a bite and a drink
Reminds me I'm His,
And forever.

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