Sunday, November 17, 2013

Freedom forever

Oh what a saviour!
Freedom forever!
Freedom from guilt of the things that I do
Freedom to trust you in all that you've done
Freedom from fear of the life yet to come
Freedom to trust you through all you have done
Freedom to wake with a joy in y heart
Freedom to live life with a bright new start
Freedom to stand when all around falls down
Freedom to stand upon your solid ground
Freedom from worry of today's uncertainties
Freedom to cling to you in your certainties
Freedom from apathy, life just part lived
Freedom to love you in all that you give
Freedom in trials and freedom in pain
Freedom to ask your Spirit to make me whole again
Freedom in sonship and freedom in grace
Freedom to stand in my now rightful place
Freedom to know I shall always remain yours
Freedom to know Jesus' love holds me sure
Freedom to face the new in every
Freedom to choose every day to say,
"Freedom is mine through my saviour's blood.
All glory to Him, my sweet Jesus, God.
You hold me in freedom through your most precious life,
Your freedom draws me to call you my own.
Freedom!" I cry with renewed voice.
Now, in his freedom, my Jesus my choice,
"Freedom in Him!" is the cry of my broken heart,
And in Jesus He frees me to enjoy His bright and shining, joyful and invigorating, tear-flowing and peace filled
New start.

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