Sunday, July 17, 2005

The London Bombings

I have to admit that I approached the writing of this poem with much trepidation, as it's based around the horrific bombing that took place 2 weeks ago Thursday in London. Part of me leaped for joy when Cat mentioned the idea to me 2 days ago over MSN, showing others the hope amidst the darkness. Part of me was very daunted indeed. But here I sit at 11.56 pm having just written this poem under God's inspiration. A title has been suggested, which I'm going with: 'one' Thanks :)


'Stare into a starlit sky and wonder why
God would choose to let us live if we must die.
One day of terror tears our hearts
with loved ones, now a world apart.
So many things bombard my mind,
But then I realise;
That there’s one mind that sees all this
And says we’re not just passer’s-by.

One hand, which guides us to his peace
No matter storms that we shall brave.
One heart of love, ne’er bound to cease
A love that never took, but freely gave.
One man that stood upon a cross
That we might see the Father’s face.
One Father sees us; broken, lost,
And brings us whole into his place.

One plan that leads us to his cross
That we may share in his new life
One plan that shows us what is worth
When all we see is strife.
One love that speaks as others can’t,
When all our love collapses, dead
One hand that guides us to the light
And breaks us from our dark of dread
One rock we can depend upon
Despite this world’s tempestuous times
One way that we can walk in hope
Amidst horrific man-based crime.

One truth that we can hold up high
And stand against this world of hate
One hope that we can stand upon
Before our time’s too late.

So, though these question rack my mind
I know at last I understand;
That though our paths are woven tight
With sorrow joining joy in hand,
Our walks are ones of trust and faith
All this we know is in his plan.
And that is where we stock our hope
In Christ’s eternal plan.'


Paul said...

good poem :)

Cat said...

wow.... thats amazing Tim! I really like it, infact I love it!!! Go you!!! hehehe

Keep them coming ok?? ;-)

mutating missionary said...

Have you a title yet?
I've read it several times -
This is simply a suggestion and I will get a few of my writerly friends to give their input -

Each time I read this I come away with the word ONE

one act of violence
one holy God
one plan
Yep, I wonder if the title shouldn't be
What ya' think?

Timmy C said...

hmm, one sounds good. will have to give it some thought tho. naming a poem is like showing its soul. 'one hope' perhaps. must give it more thought... thanks for the 'one' - I love it!!!