Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Yes people, I desperately need titles and themes for my poems. 'Why??' I hear you call, well it's simply because I need to have a title or theme to write on and on the whole, I lack these.

So, please comment this post when ever you have an idea, even a vague one.

Much appreciated!!

Tim :)


dave bish said...

Try, looking at the News, or the Bible...

Timmy C said...

the bible eh?! now THERE's a thought ;) I do, but I prefer to start with just a topic or word to work from. Otherwise I end up copying other peoples' material by accident!!

Cat said...

hmm! the bible.... now thats an idea ;-)

Ok ideas....hmmmm ideas.....Oh for your last poem you could call it "One Hope" or something like that!?

More ideas.... Coffee!!

hehe I dunno im being silly... you could do a poem on David from the bible?

Timmy C said...

aaah, David from the bible. Bible character, now there's an avenue I hadn't thought of!!

Excellent ;) tres bien my dear Catty, shall get cracking.

tree said...

Nearer each day to me
Dearer each day to me
This person inside me is
Becoming reality
Saving me loving me
Faith and hope giving me
You are all the world to me
Jesus my Lord

Even when faith is small
When there is no hope at all
I hear Him say to me
Trust in me and you will see
I will supply all your needs
If only you will believe
All the anxious doubt will cease
While trust in me

This is one of my favourate hymn.
This is my first time to see your blog. I feel happy to know that you enjoy Lord so much. Hallelujah!

tree ~.~

tree said...

change my heart, oh God,
make it very true
change my heart, oh Lord,
may I be like you

You are the potter,
I am the clay
Mold me and make me,
this is what I pray

Anonymous said...

hey how about writing a humorous poem on a mad scientist??