Saturday, July 23, 2005


It's amazing what you find in your loft. While clearing it out during our moving-of-house, I stumbled across something I wrote just after one of my A-level maths exams. It's a paragraph on poetry, of all things. It's a fairly accurate description of how I view poetry; see what you think :)

'Poetry is a way of expressing youself. A means by which you can utter the very inner cry of your soul, and not utter a word. A vehicle for the mind, a silent song. A poem has no tune, yet is memorable because it is tuneful to the soul; an orchestra of words, the music of message and a conductor of inner being all combine. These combine to produce a symphony of enrapture, intrigue and originality. A delight to the mind and a seasoning to the soul.'

Please pray that God would continue to take the words I write and use them for HIS glory :)

Tim :)


Cat said...

Ah ha! I shall indeed be praying for u...

That is a fairly accurate description... I use to do things like that - stuff about life as well!! Good old Pros! hehe

Keep them coming :-)

mutating missionary said...

Yes, I agree with cat!
An accurate description. My poems seem to ooze from me - I could not hold them back if I tried.

Because He IS the I AM, i am