Wednesday, October 11, 2006

First day & faithfulness

I've been kindly given a day off between induction days at Asda, so I'm blogging what happened yesterday! Once again I've been left with a warmed heart due to God's faithfulness and goodness. Let me explain...

There were a total of 7 of us there, and the day consisted of a lot of booklet-going-through and paper-work-filling-out. Getting to work was a miracle in itself - in that my bike broke down on the way to church yesterday evening and just wouldn't start. Yet, instead of the bike working straight away after praying about it, God gave me peace - peace that reminded me that he'd seen this coming and that he'd provide a way to see me through it and out the other side of it, praising his name. And he did! He provided my biking friend Pete to be available to come get it started. We got to the church and back (which I really wasn't expecting) and more than that, after tinkering and the such yesterday morning, we got the bike running as happily as before so I could get to the induction afternoon. Fantastic! 'What is impossible with man is possible with God' came to mind!

Secondly, I'd been praying that God'd use me in Asda, and that he'd be paving the way ahead for me to that effect. Our 2nd trainer for the afternoon was an Christian! Having noticed my fish around my neck, during the coffee break we had a fab chat about churches and faith over the canteen table in the midst of the rest of the group! Not only has God given me a fresh environment to serve him & show his concern and love to others, but he's also given me a sister in Christ at work for mutual encouragement & prayer! Downright awesome!

And so I headed for home at 6.10 (the Asda-o-poly went on a while longer than expected) I found myself totally overwhelmed afresh at how faithful God has been - just on my first day. He put my fears aside, provided a sister in Christ (who's been there for 5 years), and also a fab group to do induction with. He gave me his peace & reminded me in the process that he's promised to be faithful to answer all of my prayers - bar none. After all, he sent Jesus to die on the cross for me, and that showed his faithfulness incarnate. I'm reminded that we have no right or cause to doubt God's faithfulness - just look to the cross if you ever find yourself doubting or worrying. God paid the ultimate price for you - willingly - so he is therefore powerful and willing to answer all prayers. All will do. Bar none.

Rock on; bring on Thursday.



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Anonymous said...

Hurray! such encouragment :-) God is good!

Welshie said...


Very exciting :-)

Daddy_Stony said...

Cool dude, who ever said JC was no Mechanical Engineer and 'only a fisherman'??? Congrats and PTL for the 1st day ;-)