Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back from the Lakes

A big helloo, and it's good to be back in blogdom after the past 7 days in the Lake District! I can honestly say that I've not missed the internet though, which surprises me a bit. Maybe it's just me, but getting back out into the heart of God's creation knocks me for six - every time. Over the week, my mum, dad, myself and 4 family friends visited a number of places. Highlights include taking the ferry down lake Windemer to Bowness, visiting the sculpture park at Grizedale, and walking up to and around Tarn Hows (in strong rain & wind, in a t-shirt and sleeveless fleece).

When it was too wet and wild, much Soduku, Crosswords and board games were played, and 8 BAGS of filter coffee was consumed over the week! I was also introduced to The Times' 'Killer' Sodukus with no starting numbers and the boxes clumped up with totals! A great challenge for you Cat, if you're reading this.

All in all, I look back on the week with great fondness and feel sad to be in my 'Scotland away from home'. I love the Lake District for the lakes, the landscape, and the overwhelming sense of awe that comes from seeing God's touch on each and every hill and valley that you take the time to notice. The view of the Milky Way in the night sky, and the countless other stars at 12:30am will stick with me for a long time.

And because it was downright awesome, I'll include some pics for your viewing delight soon :)



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doonhamer geordie said...

It was indeed a great week - Tigs is muchly glum at being back home - and missing the cuddles from her new bestest friend...

tigz said...

erm just to clear up, your not talkin about me tigz, but a dog called tigs ;)

btw what a very cool name for a dog!