Friday, October 06, 2006

George likes me!

I was absolutely thrilled yesterday to get a phone call from Asda saying they wanted to offer me a job. Not only in the department that I was wanting (Georges, clothing) but also the hours I was after. To say I'm thrilled is a bit of an understatement.

Back in July God said in one of my morning devotions that he would provide a job for me - but that I had to go out and look for it. Sitting here typing this blog post now, I can look back over the past 2 months and see with real joy that he's taught me more and more to trust him & go as he's led. It's not been easy at times, with the number of agencies that seem to have my details now, but it's been the promise that he'd provide a job for me that's kept me seeking him for strength & passion after him each day.

That doesn't stop now, in a way it becomes more important as I'll have a whole new environment to serve God in & I'll need to trust God for wisdom & humility to serve there each & every day afresh. So I'd appreciate it greatly if you could be praying for me starting Tuesday & Thursday next week on induction. I wholly believe God's put me there to serve him, so I need to be willing to have him use me - to step out of my comfort zone when he prompts me!

I was encouraged this morning that true wisdom comes from God - and God alone. If we're to serve God where he's put us, we need his wisdom to know how & where to show his truth & grace. With Asda in mind, am praying God prepares my heart for this time ahead. And for you too, ardent blogger; ask God to fill your mind and heart with the wisdom that he gives, and that you'd have discernment to know his wisdom from the twisted lies of the enemy. Only when we know God truth as the only truth there is, can he guide us in applying it.



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