Thursday, November 09, 2006

Exciting news, and yes, God rocks

The title kinda says it all really! The exciting news is that Reading have offered me a place on the 2007-8 PGCE course, doing General Primary! :D so many huzzahs there, as I'm hoping to be shacked up with my good friend Steve LW in Lower Earley, a suburb of Reading, for the year. Which will be much fun ;)

I do seem to have been rather out of the blogosphere recently, but I have to report (I just to!) that God has been fantastic to me at work recently in terms of answering prayer. It's been very exciting to see him give me opportunities to talk to one of my workmates about my faith & trusting God for the future, so do please pray for the continuing humbling of my heart & attitude to have the courage and boldness from God to a) stand for him, and b) speak out for him in Asda here in Swindon.

I've been challenged a lot recently by God about growing to be a man of faith, knowing God's character so I'd trust him more. And in order to do that, studying his word, 'immersing myself in the word of God'. It's not easy at times, with having panto rehearsals, bible club and study in the evening, and coming home shattered from a long walking day in the warehouse - but there lies the choice. Do you freshen up and make time for God, for getting to know him better, for reading his word to understand his character & remind yourself he is the same loving, faithful and powerful God who liberated you from your sins through Jesus on the Cross? Or do you sit and waste the time doing a host of other things that clearly 'need doing' more.

I'm finding work breaks a fab to time to get some reading in, whether my book (My utmost for his highest, by Oswald Chambers) or the bible. Both challenge me and get my focus right back where it needs to be 24/7 - on God. Not easy? I agree. But then again God didn't say 'those who wish to follow me must pick up their cross and follow me' (i.e. put your old life to death & shoulder the new life, following God) lightly. In that statement, he brings our focus back to where it needs to be - him. I find that whenever you take a minute or 2 to think about what Jesus did for you on the cross, you're reminded why you walk this different life. It's because you've been liberated, saved and reformed by the living God - who has a plan for you - and who is leading you; not on some endless journey, but on an exciting, hard-working race that ends in Heaven! Wow!! And with the end in sight, as it always is, you're reminded that he's waiting always for you to take his hand and run that race with him. Sure, you stumble from time to time, but he waits. Then he helps you get back on your feet and takes you on again! Wow! What an awesome, loving, faithful, kind and caring, yet awesomely powerful God we serve!

And that's not the half of it.



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DaddyStony said...

Ehhh dude, welcome back, thought you had passed out. And is true, if one just spends a couple minutes actually contemplating what JC had done on that cross ... ... sets a different persepctive on our daily lives.
PUSH as always

Issy said...

wooohooo dude!!!