Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yaaaarrr, what be that on the horizon?

The answer of course, is the technical rehearsal, starting in under 9 hours. Huzzah, as the old buchaneers would have put it. I don't quite know how, but the introduction of several props last week totally threw our rehearsal and we were all missing our cues. As to what this means for tomorrow's fun is anyone's guess, but I'm looking forward to it all the same!

Work at Asda continues to be hard work, but also continues to be good! God's continuing to challenge me about keeping my thoughts on him and reminded me of that today especially. This got me thinking. It's reminded me of the bible verse that says to meditate on his word day & night. And the wonderfully simple truth I've found is this: if your focus is on God, it's not on the enemy and his plans for sin, to derail you from God's plans. And the more we meditate on the things God's teaching us, his character, his truths, the cross, the more we become effective and malleable vessels for God to mould and use to his purposes.

In those moments of clarity when your focus is on God, you remember how awesomely privileged and blessed we are to serve the one and only living God. And the more those moments fill our days, the closer we walk to God, and the harder it is for the enemy to find a crack and wedge it open.



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