Monday, December 11, 2006

R.I.P Treasure Island

It's all over and done with! Quite crazy to think that it's all completed now, after 3 months of rehearsals and immense fun and constant adlibbing. Thanks to all of you who managed to make it! Seeing your faces in the audience was great, and thanks for booing me from scene one onwards ;)

Business will now ensue with the manicness of work back at Asda, what with Christmas coming up soon. However, I've been reminded a lot this year - moreso than ever - that Christmas is because of Christ. It's one of the times of year that reminds us that the immortal, invisible, eternal God sent his son - through who the world was made - into the world because it was the only way we could become his adopted sons. Awesome stuff, immensely awe-inspiring, and insanely humbling. I'll never get my mind around God's love for me, and I hope I never feel I have. Because that would just be sheer arrogance & pride in thinking that I know him that well. The infinite God. Wow.

On that thought, remember that this is Christmas, not Buddhamas, Allahmas or wintermas. We celebrate the birth of our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ; an amazingly humble entrance into the world. Few knew of it, few understood who he was. Yet 'El Gibor', the Mighty God, incarnate stepped down to, and walked this earth.

It's him that our salvations are based on; our trust in him, and him alone. Not the things we can do, or wish to do. Not the attitude we try to live with. Jesus Christ, and he alone, is the author and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12v2). And it's in his righteousness that we'll one day stand before our Father in Heaven.

Don't lose sight of it this Christmas.



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doonhamer geordie said...

Well said, young man! Up here in Geordie-land, the powers that be have banished Christmas from the official calendar... we now have a winter festival, complete with fireworks and a pink vampire rabbit (I jest you not!)... Sorry we couldn't be at your performance - we wouldn't have booed you - promise!

jononline said...

Merry Christmas Timtastic.

Jonny:) said...

So guessing your not watching the alternate christmas message by the vieled muslim lady then?

merry christmas