Monday, November 13, 2006

Yaaaarrr, do that be treasure?

Yes indeedy, I've finally got round to blogging the info for the upcoming WADAMs 2006 pantomime, 'Treasure Island'.

Dates: Dec 7-9th @ 7.30pm & Dec 9th @ 2.30pm
Tickets: £6

Box Office: 01793 813847 / 01793 813307

Book now to avoid disappointment!

I'll post directions from junction something-or-other of the M4, once I've worked it out. If you need a bed for the night, Thursday and Friday as possibilities but sadly not Saturday as it's after-show cast partay!

Please note: The pirate in the poster is an artist's (MS office clipart) impression (and a bad one at that) of me, and I've not actually lost a leg. Despite there being a joke about me being legless.



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tigz said...

hey at lasy ;)

if ppl want to go to the saturday 2.30 im happy to take ppl

see you then

Jonny:) said...

Seeing as how the pirate is meant to be you , the jokes will come thinck and fast, and you'll be left without a leg to stand on!

Timmy C said...

my sides doth shakeath with laughter :P