Friday, September 14, 2007

Back in the R D G

I've just got back to Reading, after 1 year away and it really does feel nice to be back! Granted, in a different area of town, with a different course, and in a different house, but I really do like Reading :)

So it's all go for me now, starting this Monday coming over at Bulmershe. Just a short post, just to let you all know I'm still around.

And for those wondering, the pond's part of the Bulmershe campus ;)



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Caroline said...

Just remember... you can conceive on the first day of the PGCE course and still complete the course before giving birth!!! You also need to undergo the same amount of development as a foetus does in order to learn all the skills required of you as a teacher... sobering thought don't you think!!!!

hatchris said...

There was a POND??!
Shows how much attention I paid to the place.
Hope you are liking 20 Marefield - I'm hoping my bike is still in the garage...feel free to take for a spin :-p
I must come pick it up sometime, I think it just goes in my very little car :-)