Monday, September 03, 2007

Breakdancing from India

I've finally discovered youtube, so here's the video of the breakdancing routine from my time out in India, that was organised and choreographed for the Student Council event in the 1st half of term.

Before you all ask at once, I do take bookings, but only outside of term dates. See my agent if you'd like to hire the 'breakdance beagles'. You won't be dissapointed!



weird is just your own personal brand of normal


Cat said...

Hehehe.... oohhhhhh so many things to say so little time and too much laughter...hehe

You were very good Tim! I didnt know u could move like that?! Can u do that while cooking? hehe

Timmy C said...

I really wouldn't want to try, Cat! Glad it made you laugh, and it is a great way to keep fit and excercise - in other words, pretty tiring ;)

Well worth taking up though, assuming you have the floor space in the kitchen

doonhamer geordie said...

I take it you'll be making a guest appearance at your mum & dad's party in November? It wouldn't do to disappoint your fans, now would it?!