Saturday, September 22, 2007

First week & friday evening

Well, I have survived the first week on PGCE. Hurrah! It's been intensive, lots to take in, and the reality of the amount of hard work that'll need to be put into this year to get the most out of it is becoming apparent.

But I'm loving it!

It's true to say that despite the ridiculous amount of work, background reading and lack of social life (woooooo!!) that's going to come with this year, I know that I'm where God wants me. And I'm gradually learning that that's enough for me :)

As a treat, I let myself out for the evening (what a racey and crazy person I am, I hear you say) to unleash the Disney channel premiere of 'High-school musical 2' upon my senses. Thank you Lizzie. If you haven't seen it yet, it truly is a kids version of Grease, thankfully cleaner, and so cheesy you could make a beast of a toasty with it if I'd brought my machine along.

In short, a lot of fun, especially in trying to predict what happened next (inevitably a group of people spontaneously breaking into song on a golf course).

Much fun had. I really ought to watch the first one sometime though...



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