Sunday, October 07, 2007

4 weeks in

I'm still alive!

Much to the surprise of, well, no-one to tell the truth, though I feel that someone might possibly be surprised.


I've had a grrreat first 4 weeks thus far. I'm being fed ridiculous amounts of education type stuff, and I've had 1 day in school so far (year 6), and have found that they're to be my class for the term - meaning I have 2 days this coming week, and then 3 weeks with half-term in the middle coming up the follow 4 weeks. Woo! I am very excited about being in school in general, and am loving the fact that I know I'm where God wants me, so I can just give each day up to him and get on with it. Huzzah! :D

This weekend was a nice respite, with Cat coming a'visiting from Saturday til Sunday, enjoying a spot of cookie-baking, Hero-Quest (board game version of Dungeons and Dragons), and going to church and 'spoons on Sunday. All in all a fantastic weekend, much fun had by all - Dave & Marie included, and there are even some cookies left.

Yum :)

Above is Cat following my instruction to 'put all the ingredients in the pan'. I did rather ask for that though!

Pics for the weekend are viewable on facebook here: Cookies and Hero-Quest

Time to sign off as I need a good night's beauty sleep for school tomorrow. I'll be back soon, stay tuned for more :)



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