Sunday, October 28, 2007

Know me that you may trust me

It’s so easy to say 'trust in the Lord', or 'trust God on this one', but do we really understand what we’re saying when we encourage & challenge ourselves and each other with these words?

Take a step back from trusting God though, and ask yourself why do you trust a person you know, say, a friend, your boy/girl-friend, spouse or a family member? What is it about them that you trust? Is it their kindness, their reliability, their wisdom or maybe other character traits? Is it the things they do, or have done for you or others? Now imagine you’re introducing this friend of yours to someone else, and wanting for them to be able to trust your friend as much as you do. The truth is that no matter how much you tell them, they can’t trust them as much as you do on the outset; the simple reason being that they don’t know your friend like you do. They don’t know their habits, their great character traits, their care or their reliability, their wisdom or their humility – they only know what you’ve told them. Word of mouth, is not the same as knowing someone.

Can we, therefore, expect ourselves to just trust in the Lord? Simply, we can’t; not if we don’t know the person of God, his ways and promises; not if we don’t know past examples from his word & our own lives that remind us of his goodness & faithfulness. To equip us for trusting God, we must truly know him – not in the sense of being able to recite bible verses, sermon notes and good ideas, but in the real sense of walking each day with God, and reading and meditating on his word each and every day.

If you really want to trust God’s will with your whole heart, and know what it is to have his peace in you each day, then that has to involve total surrender to him in that heart of yours – and you will only do that, if you know who you’re entrusting your heart’s desires to. To trust him, you must know him. And to know him, we must immerse ourselves in him – know his word (to teach you who he his), remember his grace (to remind you each day, what he’s done for you in Jesus), and walk with his spirit (to know what he’s wanting to work out in you each and every day).

If we are in the business of truly wanting to trust God fully – or maybe it’s just a situation that you’re having difficulty submitting to God – then remember who he is; that he is the God of love, the God of compassion, the God of power and strength, the God of the broken-hearted, the God of justice, and he faithful God, who hears our cries and always answers.

Remember who he is, and trust him.



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