Monday, May 28, 2007

In the silence

The lyrics for this song came to me a couple of evenings ago, after I'd had a good chat witha friend about making time just to be still before God. So often we try and give time to to God without giving him a word in edgeways, so afraid of the silence and just being still before our loving heavenly father, out God. This song is born out of that need to be still, the challenge that comes from it, and the importance of making time to stop and listen to God, be healed by him, and accept his grace afresh each and every day.

In the silence

When the day is shut out
______C/E_____ Fmaj7___Gsus4, G
and the tongue, it is silenced at last.
_____ Am ___________________
When I come on my knees and subdue
these legs always moving so fast,
and I wait as the stillness descends,
Fsus4____ F_______ G
wait for my shepherd to speak,
____Am_______Am/G_____C_Dm_ C/E_F
and I know that in waiting here, no-thing is__lost
___Am_______ Fmaj7___G
as I admit afresh, 'Lord I am weak'

And the silence it comes
as I'm laying my heart at your feet
your spirit flows over it
healing me, making me complete.
___ Dm
This peace is not temporary,
C/E_ F_C/G_F
there for a___while,
_____ Bb___________ G
but for-ever it rests in my soul,
making me whole

When my troubles are laid
at the foot of the cross where you died,
when I open my heart to you,
admitting what's really inside,
then your peace steals over me
at once and again
peace that reminds of my saviour's refrain
when once and for all my troubles he took
'it's done' was his cry, as it says in the book

When I physically stop
and gaze at the cross once again
and meditate on all that you did,
may my heart not know shame,
but the grace that you bought
this poor sinner's soul with,
and rose him to new life in you
remind me afresh of the price that you paid,
that my heart would be humbled by you

Has the peace that once filled your heart
all but expired?
Is the passion now smouldering
that used to burn hot as a fire?
The get on your knees,
let the silence pour down,
and the spirit envelop afresh
that depth of your soul
that so deeply desires to know him
and feel his caress

Then down on your knees
let your heart open up
put your pride to the side
let him heal you up
and the arms that flung stars
_____ C/E__F__Gm7__F/A
and the hands that held_ nails
hold you tight

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