Thursday, May 17, 2007

More of Jesus, less of me

I started writing this during a Sunday morning church service a while ago, and meant to post it a while ago. So much for my memory, but I came across it this morning and finally got around to blogging it. This poem was written along the central question of do we want more of Jesus in us, putting more of our self to the side and letting him refine us and mould us in his time, love and discipline. Enough of my prattle though, the poem says it better than I do.

More of Jesus, less of me

More of Jesus, less of me,
is this what I want to see?
My whole life I must freely give
if Jesus' life I wish to live.

More of Jesus' love in me;
love that set this captive free,
love that heals this wounded soul,
love that only makes me whole.

More of Jesus' truth in me;
truth that shows me how to be,
truth that guides me in his light,
truth that leads me through the night.

Mopre of Jesus' truth in me;
trusat that held at Calvary,
trust that bears my burden's weight,
trust that keeps my footsteps straight.

More of Jesus' zeal in me;
zeal that makes me e'er decree
that Jesus Christ is all I need,
to righteous tree from humble seed.

More of Jesus' power in me;
power that stands me firm in thee,
power that speaks life in a breath,
power that broke the chains of death.

More of Jesus, less of me,
this is what I want to see.
Trust firm-placed and hope fulfilled,
Heart on fire, and all fear stilled.

Jesus, Saviour, lord and friend,
make me more like you, til when
we stand before the throne, renewed;
our hopes fulfilled, complete, in you.

It's an amazing thought to remember that one day we will have all our hopes fulfilled in God when we stand before him on that glorious day and hear him say 'welcome, my good and faithful servant'. The question stands again; do we want more of Jesus in the mean time, do we want to glorify him more with our lives? And that is a question of the heart - not mind.



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