Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Murder y'say? And exams too?!

Yep it's true, murder reared its ugly head yesterday evening! To be more precise, 11 of us tried to work out who murdered the famous and handsome Jed Manhattan at a party, dressed as our characters. The only downside really, was ending up being Ivy Fields, a chat show hostess - not my own choice I hasten to add! I blame the lack of male characters in the pack. But that aside, the evening was a resounding success, special mentions go to Ben as the mystic 'Zane', and Lizzie's Sterling performance as Jed's long-forgotten mother, 'Zena Zinopolis' - Greek to the core.

Pics will be posted once I get around to getting the pics off my camera!

In the mean time, the dreaded exam week is nearly on us all here at Hebron! Scary biscuits for my poor standard 7 maths pupils (no less because of me teaching them!) but also for many music students as they start working towards their exams for near term. Things to definitely keep in mind for prayer, both for my students and for my teaching as this really is the last week of revision before the week of exams.

Yet despite the busy times that are happening here, Lizzie and I are starting to finalise our travel plans for after the term ends in June. Dead exciting! North India, South India and Sri Lanka are all on the list of places we'll be going. We're also coming back 4 days earlier now, so if you happen to be in the neighbourhood (Swindon) or near Heathrow airport on the 9th, you might well bump into me! Though 7am is far too unholy a time to get back into the country at ;)

Righty, time is short (much like me) and I've got to be off to buy baby corn. Yes, I know it's a fairly random thing to suddenly feel like doing, but then again, this is me we're talking about :)

Until anon, a new newsletter will be written soon!



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