Sunday, April 06, 2014

Forgetful child

Come my forgetful child, come
Look upon my pierced son
Look upon his nail-scarred hands
Think upon Heaven's renewed lands
Listen to the words he spoke
Open wide your eyes and look
To see the truth of Heaven's son
The Father's first and most beloved one
Stands there before the Father's feet
Each day he earnestly intercedes
That He who sent the rescuer
Might look on you with tender grace
Yes, look my child and clearly know
The love he has continually flows
From a Father's tender heart
Onto your poorly, sick and soiled heart
And changes you, each day some more
To know the good he has in store
When one day soon he takes you from these foreign shores
From all the pain and sorrow you feel
And brings you gently then to kneel
In light and life and holy wonder
Before the me who all of darkness sundered
And you know then as now in part
The true goodness of your Father's heart
Yes, look my forgetful child and know
The love I have for you will show
The most when you admit your sin
And feel my peace in you, deep within
So know your sin, but more my grace
Let my peace reign in guilt's place
For it holds no long-lasting sway
In hearts that choose to love my name
If you are mine, you're mine indeed
Jesus stands before me to intercede
Each sinful stain you had is gone
Washed clean by sweet Immanuel's blood
So stand up straight, dear soul rejoice
For the day you made me your own choice
Was the day that sin lost all it's power
Ruins, what remains of that strong tower
Though you oft forget, remember now
When Jesus died for you, he made you new
So stand up straight as God's child now
Each day being more renewed.
The Father loves you through his son
The perfect, true and lovely one
So you are pure and white as snow
Rise, my child and in my grace, go.


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