Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Look at your neighbour (what do you see?)

A poem which came out of tonight's student celebration in worship. Looking around, what I saw was a crowd of neighbours. No different from me, but sinners wonderfully saved by Jesus.

Look at your neighbour
What do you see?
A different face, clothes?
An alternative me?
Do their eyes match your own?
Is their hair slightly grey?
If so, be careful not to
Mention that to their face
Do their eyes have a sparkle?
Does their smile hide a frown?
How would you describe them,
Or an up or a down?
Do they have it together?
Are they falling apart?
Only they and their Father
Know what's in their heart
Do the things that they do
Or the thoughts that they hide
Make any real difference
To their rightness inside?
Look at your neighbour
Are you surprised?
To your left and right
Are the shamed and despised,
Th shabby and broken,
The sad and depressed,
The ones who have tried as you did
And failed the test,
The fallen and sorry
Fill seats either side
Mixed checked shirts and gillets
Oh my, what a sight.
But, look past the picture
My friends, see the truth
When our Father looks on us
He cries, "I choose you!"
The humble and broken, my children,
I call them my own
If you look on my dear son
And call him your own
These brothers and sisters
Who sit to your sides
Have known tears and joy, love and pain
But most, they know me
I call them and you
Inheritors, my precious ones
For Jesus paid for you.
His blood makes you mine
So look at your neighbour,
I am you and you are me
Being changed to his image
Rejection forgiven,
At his side, a space
Brothers and sisters
Sinners, the shameful
Saved by grace.


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