Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Bunnies and Jesus

Sometimes I wonder about the Easter bunny
I wonder, have you?

Chocolate for all, often for free
Laid out in secret, hidden cunningly
Underneath trees or hidden in bushes
Watching children searching with giggles and pushes?
Does he spy on the kids to see how they react?
I picture him hiding with binoculars and camouflaged hat
And where does a rabbit get that kind of chocolate?
Does he have a machine like a giant sweet magnet,
To filter the sweetness of things around,
To make all the eggs which soon will be found?
And what about foil and the cardboard for boxes?
I think birds wrap the foil, and they're packaged by foxes!
And how does he get them in place for the day?
Why, an army of wildlife take them away
To the young and the old, to the rich and the poor
The bunny brings chocolate to everyone's door.

But it's not just a bunny who accomplishes much
Every year around Easter there's one other as such
His ears were not floppy, or his head crowned with flowers,
But he did wear a crown of thorns which were ours
In his hands not a basket all covered with ribbon
Instead was a cross bar with splinters all ridden
He didn't hop here and there in the sun or the chill
But he did take a crossbar up Calvery's Hill
The bunny takes nothing but leaves us a lot
Jesus takes our shame and pays full for the lot
Where the bunny gave chocolate all wrapped up with string
Jesus gave life, the best life in all Spring
The bunny will leave when the eggs are all gone
Jesus will stay til the journey is done.
The chocolate brings happiness for only a day
Jesus gives hope and life, chasing fear far away.

Sometimes I wonder about the Easter bunny
and all the chocolate treats he brings.
But, this Easter, Jesus comes as well
and forgiveness, hope and new life brings.

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