Sunday, April 16, 2006

all we need

Have just been reading Cath's post on Thursday, leading up to Easter weekend. One section just struck me:

(in reference to communion) 'All I do is hold out my hands and receive. It is all I can ever do. And the wondrous thing is that it is enough.'

It's totally crazy, that holding our our hands and receiving what God has for us is enough. That's what he wants from us: simply that we'd hold out our hands, receive his grace, and know that it is enough to cover all we've done - past, present and future.

In the run-up to exams it's easy to get bogged-down in aiming for high grades and to 'achieve your potential' - well whatever you've got coming up, do it! Achieve your potential, but remember afresh that your potential is not academic, nor is it work-related, your potential is achieved in serving God with all your heart!!

God's grace is enough, Jesus died to break the bonds of the law; the work-orientated lifestyle that seeks to show us righteous, which only leaves you empty and stressed-out when it all goes pear-shaped.

Remember who you truly serve today, this week, and every day up until eternity; God. His grace is enough, that you can drop those work-based chains and run with him. It could well be hard, but we serve a God through whom all things are possible!!



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