Saturday, April 15, 2006

this week

It's been a long week. Coming back from Spring Harvest really pumped at what God had been doing with the kids and with the Whizz Kids team. Monday I just couldn't focus on work and for the first time in a while became really stressed by it; I just thank God that Jacqui, Steve and I 'happenned' to meet up and go out for pizza and bowling that night! (Thanks God!!!)

Monday to Tuesday was quite a struggle just in terms of motivating myself to sit down and focus. Therein lay the problem tho! God gave me a good slap around the chops with a wet kipper, spiritually speaking. It's frightening to see what can happen when you take your focus off God and try to do things under your own steam. Not fun, but the time I've spent at home from Tuesday til today (Saturday) has been the physical ad spiritual rest I've needed.

Praise God that he knows when you need rest, and you know know me will know I just don't know when to stop and more often than not need to be told or forced to stop (thanks julie!) This coming week is revision central, mucho prayer needed, but I know where to put my trust and focus afresh; my Lord, my Father, my strength, my all in all for all I need in everything, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah, that his Grace is enough to make us acceptable before God.

Totally mind-blowing, yet beautifully simple and true. Praise God!



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