Saturday, April 15, 2006

Back to the R-to-the-D-to-the-G

Yup, I'm back in the big bad world of whiteknights, the library of fun hide-and-seek games and the sports centre that owes me about 5 pints of blood. Reading is on the horizon, so if anyone fancies popping in on me, then a cuppa and perhaps a cookie will be waiting for you :)

Catch you all soon, take care & keep trusting in the only one we can; our fantastic, loving, powerful and patience & strength-granting Father, God!



weird is just your own personal brand of normal


Cat said...

Its actually RGB.... hehe...anyhoo...

Cookie???.... mmmmm coookiiieesss.......... MINE!!!

Sally said...

I'm coming back to Rdg on Tuesday eve, so maybe the lure of the cookie will be sufficient. ;o)

See ya soon, dude.

Welshie said...

i'm back sometime tomorrow (tuesday) too! you both fancy a game of hide and seek in the library...?! or maybe we can finally take up krish's suggestion of trying to get locked in overnight and play games with the lights...?!

see you soon!

Timmy C said...

man, Tuesday's apparently the day to come back! I count 2-3 people so far!! See you sson Ceryn, hide & seek sounds fab, ur more than welcome to come over for a cookie & cuppa as well :)

I just need to bake them... 8-)

tigz said...


hhhmmmmmm....but we did have celebrations :)

Good to see you, catch up with you soon, have fun revising.. erm you do know playing hide and seek in libary dosn't count as revising.