Friday, April 21, 2006


This dialogue formed in my mind in the shower this morning. It's honest and unedited, because I literally wrote it as it came. I hope it is an encouragement to you, a reminder that God is our motivater and our guide. I encourage you to spend some time lifting up your day to God after reading this; let him guide strengthen you, let him open your eyes to the workhe is doing & wants to do in you!

‘Come, take this day with me and see where I want to lead you.’ I hesitated. ‘but each day seems so hard, some harder than others, part of me just wants to get through it.’ He smiled back at me, paused, and said ‘did I say it would be easy?’ I looked away. Why did he have to always be right? ‘Come,’ he said, reaching out his hand to me. ‘Let me guide you through this day. Let me show you the wonders I have in store for you. Let me open your eyes afresh to my glory and the work I am doing and still wish to do in you. Will you let me?’ Being hit between the eyes you’d think could never be pleasant by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow I found myself excited by this prospect. Sure, my bed looked so much more inviting; warm and secure, compared to the day ahead… But he’d rekindled that fire in my eyes that wanted to see what he could do, what he would do; what he had in store for me. ‘ok, but I’m going to need your help,’ I paused, ‘again.’ ‘I know,’ came his softly-spoken, yet strong reply. He smiled again; that ear-to-ear smile he shines at you when you come to your senses! ‘who do you want to lead?’ I shifted uneasily, knowing the right answer, but knowing I’d struggle with it. ‘err… you,’ I stammered, ‘though I know I’ll probably try and run ahead or go walking off somewhere else.’ I half-hung my head, realising the honesty of what I’d just said. He raised his hand to my head & tipped it up, so we could see eye to eye. ‘You will at times, but I will patiently wait for you to return, calling out to you from where I am. And sometimes I’ll have to come get you because you’ve strayed too far & are lost, but I’ll always bring you back. I’ll always have you back.’ I half-laughed, ‘How is it you love me so much?’ That smile again. ‘Because you’re mine, my son.’ The gravity of it sunk in afresh; knowing you’re loved… wow! I managed a large-ish grin, as ear-to-ear as I it came! ‘Now, let’s walk together. The day’s only just begun and I have much I want to show you.’


Tigz said...

Thankyou for your honesty and sharing that, your makin me think.

Take Care You

Sally said...

Thank you, Tim. That's exactly what I needed today.