Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Follow-up to Sunday

This is only a brief post, just to say WOW! The difference was palpable in the service. My desire to hear God speak was greater, my alertness in prayer increased, and my freedom in worship... well... free-er!

This past Sunday was a real blessing; on SO many levels! Not only in the service, but also afterwards. Let me explain. It's so easy to let Sunday just be a 'morning' thing - go along to the service, hear the preacher, sing the songs, smile and chat afterwards, then go home. This Sunday was a case of going home after the service and really wanting to come back in the evening - I was thirsty for more!!

Thinking about this as an observer, looking at myself (this is the way my mind works!) this has to be the result of an attitude change. I find that only when you're willing and wanting to hear to hear God speak, you are thirsty after him for more of his truth.

I propose this, therefore... not only Saturday evening, but Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. If one chapter of God-glorifying book or scripture can do this much to my focus in one day, imagine what a chapter a day for the week would do!

More to follow as I seek to condense the main points of Stop dating the Church into one blog post, and realise that when I write 'short' at the top of a blog post, it usually ends up not being.



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