Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lyrics and stuff

Man I just love the way God takes hold of something you hear or see. Taking something mundane and normal and turning into a point of sheer inspiration. And it's often the simplest of things! I was listening to a song the other day, though I can't remember the name of it, and I ended up with the following lyrics for the chorus:

'You know the me I often hide,
the me inside
you know the way i really feel
the looks I sometimes steal
you know the pain i hold up still
the way it really feels
yet love me just the same,
claim me in your name
and take my side when all I've left
lies in tatters at my feet
my friend'

...and that's it in a nutshell - God's love is beyond what we can understand. For so many of us, our true selves can be so deeply covered and hidden, and yet God looks at our inmost heart - the one we hide from any or everybody, sees our sinfulness and doubt at times. And draws us to him, smiling. It's darn painful at times to let him do it, yet when you allow God to look at you as you are, you realise what you knew all along - he loves you continually, and whole-hearyedly. Why? Because we're his, and that's the simple fact. Mind-blowing, but that's the God we love and serve and brothers and sisters of Christ. This is the mighty and powerful, yet tenderly loving God who we have been called to serve and love.

Could there be anyone better to lead us on through the easy and tough of our lives? I can't think of anyone I'd rather have.



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