Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yaaaaarrr, that treasure be mine!

In true Piratey fashion, I've introduced this post, so it's only right that I explain why I'm more in the mood to swash some buckles than normal. The local AD (amateur dramatical) society is putting on a pantomime loosely based on 'Treasure Island', (loosely, because the writers got their research from watching 'Muppet Treasure Island' and 'Treasure Planet'!). Anyhoo, quite how I don't know, but after turning up with my mum to auditions yesterday, we've both come away with parts!!

So, as of yesterday evening, I am now the timber-shivvering Long John Silver; complete with peg leg and hook for a hand (they cost me an arm and a leg! Yes, that's one of my lines!!) The 3 performances are in the first week of December, I'd guess on the Thurs, Fri and Sat evenings.

If you're interested in seeing me act with a broad cornish accent next to my panto dame wife who towers over me by a clear foot, leave a comment on this post or email me!!

As for Mr. Silver, I'm thinking of taking a leaf out of Jack Sparrow's style and having him slightly wide-eyed and crazy-looking!

As you can see above, I'm working on it ;)

More to follow as dates and my insanity progress.



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Welshie said...


we should organise a big trip. Reading reunion at Tim's panto!

can we bring popcorn?!

Timmy C said...

absolutely! The more the merrier, I say :)

popcorn, yes, as long as you don't throw (much of) it at me!

Gotta get Ed & the crew on the case, then ;)

Cat said...

Can I come?!

If you need a hand chopping off your leg, I have a saw in our shed that I could bring along...?

Your picture needs a bit of tweeking - you look really sad with puppy dog eyes... Did you eat the last cookie? tut tut...

You need to be more rugid GRAAWWW!!!! Chopping off your leg may help? Well, ive offered my services! hehe

Yes yes - I would love to see you play a pirate! - Say when and where and tickets and wotnot!

GoodDay! (ooo arrr AYE!)

Timmy C said...

chopping off my leg?! :O my dear sis Cat, I'm shocked! I'd have thought you'd have let me cut my own leg off ;)

I'll blog the tickets info when I get hold of them.