Thursday, December 22, 2005

Burning down the house...

Not actually the house, but definately most of the garden! Man alive, there was SO much garden rubbish to burn (unfortunately my sis Emma won't let me burn the VERY annoying plastic rabbit outside)


aaah well, anyways, here's the highlights of the roaring success of today...

here we are getting going, lots of greenery, lots of fun ;)

hehe found this sign in the detritous (new word, courtesy of dad!) of wood and stuff, not sure if mum'll appreciate it as a prezzy tho...

Spot the old bird table. *thinks* hmm, wonder if this'll burn well...

woo yeah! Burn baby buuuurn!! :D 'nuff said really, man it was hot, hot enough to melt err... something.. that doesn't melt much... but it was hot, yeh hot! My pokey stick and me couldn't get within 2 metres of it!

aaah here we are, THIS is my pokey stick, good for poking fires with :)

5 hours (yes that's right, FIVE!) and nigh-on 2 tonnes of greenery/wood bits later we headed in, but even now it's still smouldering...

I thankfully only lost half the hair on my left arm, got a scratch on my right arm, and 2 blisters. What a great day this has been! Fire, and a good amount of it.

What do we learn from this then?! *clears throat*

'Fire's bad kids, don't do fire!' (unless you're an aspiring pyromaniac like me ;)



if computers are idiot-proof, why can't I make them work...


Cat said...

I like your blog Tim! very cool... thats alot of bruning you were doing..

Btw in that photo of you and the huggeee stick.. are u not wearing any shoes!! UMM!! Naughty Naughty! lol

Btw, your not that short :-p! heheh

Take care,

God Bless

Cat xxxx

Timmy C said...

coming from a fellow short person I'll take that as a compliment! :P

as for no shoes, umm.... yeh... whups! yes my feet were indeed dirty after that ;)