Sunday, December 11, 2005

Seven things

As requested by Cat:

Seven things to do before I die

1. Publish a book of poetry
2. Be devoted to a wife, and raise children to know Jesus
3. Work with children
4. Bungy-jump!
5. Learn to drive
6. Visit some other countries!
7. Work overseas for God

Seven things I cannot do

1. Understand fashion
2. Stop making people laugh/smile
3. Be lost from God
4. Marry an iguana
5. Slate the Welsh (Big-it up to the celts Ceryn!)
6. Be totally sensible (some would argue, partially...)
7. Not be enthralled by gadgets, gizmos and fun techy things!

Seven things that (will) attract me to my spouse

1. She inspires me to go on with God
2. Fun/cheeky sense of humour
3. She knows how to help me chill/calm down (talk about a miracle!)
4. Her passion to serve God wherever she is
5. She challenges me in my faith openly
6. She loves me, and I her, totally
7. We will both share a trust in God for his plan

Seven things I say most often

1. (many quotable embarrasing phrases, Sal has a good list if you wanna ask her!)
2. Dude!
3. Y'wot?
4. So I was, like...
5. You're joking, right?
6. See you guys later whoops, wrong door...
7. That's just wrong...

Seven books I love (Bible not included)

1. Lord of the Rings & Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien
2. Congo - Michael Crichton
3. Hunt for the Red October - Tom Clancy
4. The Odyssey - Homer/Virgil?
5. I kiss dating goodbye - Josh Harris
6. Boy meets girl - Josh Harris
7. Kipper's book of counting - Kipper the dog (I have run out of ideas!)

Seven movies I watch over and over again

1. Beauty and the Beast (as Disney is the best thing since sliced bread!)
2. Pay it forward
3. Kung Pow: Enter the fist
4. Shrek 1+2
5. Underworld
6. XXX (Vin Diesel)
7. Forrest Gump

Seven music CDs I love

1. The Einaudi collection - Echoes
2. Watermark - Enya
3. The Second Decade (1993-2003)- Michael W. Smith
4. Songbird - Eva Cassidy
5. Jimmy Eat World - Jimmy Eat World
6. Running with Scissors - Weird Al Yankovic
7. Disc One - Barenaked Ladies (not as bad as it sounds!)


Tigz said...

just like to say o yup yup disney rocks

Timmy C said...

Indeedy, you are right there Tigz! Any faves? How did you come across my blog btw, I am intrigued!

Tigz said...

well the tigger movie is a def fav but there is just soooo many to chose from. Im cats friend and thats how I go to CU and stuff.

Tigz said...

he he i also know paul as well, how do you know them???