Monday, December 19, 2005

-- Intermission --

Hey all you faithful people wot check up on my blog, sorry there's not been an update in a couple of weeks - I've got about 3 or 4 different titles/themes to write on, and have just not been in the poetic groove! Honestly, I don't know... anyways what was I going to say... aaah yes, I'll get on the case and hopefully there'll be a new poem up here soonish!!

In the mean time, was humblingly reminded today that we just cannot afford to allow pride to take a hold in our lives:

'We are only who we now are, because of who he is- anon

It's only ever been totally about who Jesus is!! :D no matter how pants we are, he is still the same awesome, glorious, holy, faithful friend and saviour that we know; and on that glorious day when we stand before God, he will look upon us and say welcome. Talk about wow ;)

Keep your hearts on Heaven guys, it's gonna be AWEsome!!!


sirena said...

I like this post. Short and inspirational. I'd like to come here more often.

Timmy C said...

Thanks Sirena :) I look forward to you posting again soon!