Thursday, September 14, 2006

Job Search Episode 2: The Search Continues...

Having badgered Dolby, I now I know I sadly didn't get the job with PCB work. Aaah well, onward goes the search! I've made some more applications and phone calls, so I'll keep searching. All the while, I'm reminded that God said earlier in the summer that he would provide a job for me - so why should I doubt him?

The resounding answer from my soul is that I shouldn't, though I can't see where the blessed job will come from! I know for certain that he will; a) answer all my prayers, and b) be totally faithful in all things I endeavour for him. But why trust? Simply this: you look to the cross.

And there, on that cursed tree, Jesus died for me. It was there and then that God's love and faithfulness were shown incarnate in Jesus death for me.

So, why doubt him? I see no reason :)

Onward with the search!!



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