Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Weddings, wine and waxing lyrical with old mates

Have finally got round to writing about this weekend just passed! It involved leaving on Friday to embark on a joyous 7 hour train journey to Edinburgh. On the way up I had a text conversation with a friend of mine in Stirling called EmJ (Whizz Kids team '06) and we arranged to meet up in Edinburgh when I got there. Bargain! So we caught up over a drink in a fancy shmansee restaraunt (noovoh cuisine and all that) and then carried onto my friend Ross (Gap Year Pal) and waxed lyrical till the wee hours.

Not the best idea in retrospect, as was up 5.30-6am to get ready to leave for the wedding. But there you go.

The wedding was fab, seeing Pete and Fran looking awesome, and once again seeing God at the centre of the wedding. I've never got over how much more beautiful a christian couple looks when they're joined in God's presence & for his glory. I guess it's because they know they've got him smiling on them, rooting them on, and guiding them by his hand. One day, I hope and pray I'll know this too!

Much Ceileidgh'ing (Scottish dancing, you English people don't know what you're missing! ;) later, Ross and I headed off back to Edinburgh via Nethy (my home away from home, Gap year place) and just enjoyed being there again. Who knows, one day I might end up back there. Ross and I continue to joke that once we're done with the 'real world' we'll go back and become instuctors!

After church in the morning, I grabbed a train home and managed to get back mid-evening as the train was delayed - of all things, by someone jay-walking on the track! It made me smile, anyhoo ;) Just in time, I found, to get a good chat with the couple that run the school I'll be working in next February! What a coincidence, eh?

Right, without further ado, the day calls. We've already dug up the drive and placed 20 feet of anti-weed matting down, but there's more to do!! Like rest, for one thing...

Shall keep you all up to date on the job status - I get phoned back by Dolby hopefully by the end of the week. Exciting stuff!! Oh yeah, the interview went really well. Quite enjoyed it, and shall post about the job itself if the answer's a 'yes'.

In the words of the immortal dude wot was once in a film, 'blog it again, Sam'



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hatchris said...

Edinburgh, epic, I went there summer 2005 and its a most fantabulous place. Weddings are also fantabulous.
What was the restuarant? Me and R went to one in Edinburgh called 'Le Maison Blue', I think, seomthineg like was a French/Scottish tapas restuarant! Most amazing, specially the Haggis balls in beer batter :-)