Friday, September 01, 2006

job interview? err... *ahem*

Thank you to all of you who faithfully prayed for me with my interview at Dolby this morning. The prayer was greatly appreciated! However, there was a teeny hitch...

The interview was yesterday.

Umm... yeah. But thankfully they were more than accomodating, did not brandish sharp spiky things and interrogate me as to where I was yesterday at 9am (in bed, if I remember correctly) but instead kindly offered me another interview next week on Tuesday the 5th.

So yes, all in all it's become a significantly more quiet morning, I'm now off to pack my bags for this weekend. Scotland calls to me, and I must answer!! I've the wedding of one of my Abernethy Gap Year pals to attend in Elgin, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to it! It'll be great to catch up with everybody, some of which I haven't seen in 3 years! Many pictures will be taken, and I'm kindly being given bed and board by my good friend Ross Yarrow in Edinburgh.

So, toodle-oo and pip-pip. I'll be back Sunday evening.



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