Monday, February 27, 2006

Brighter way

Ceryn wrote a poem a while back about how many paths criss-cross our lives, each with their own promises, but the one God shows is the one we need to keep following – because it’s his, and is the best we could know. This poem’s very much along these lines. One thing I’ve been taught recently, is that God opens the door to the right way – and we need to learn to trust him in this, because he does know what’s best for us!

Brighter way

Plans and thoughts bombard my mind
of where my life will lead me to,
where I’ll live, what work I’ll find,
of who I’ll meet and what I’ll do

My plans, they seem to make such sense
what security I know I’d find!
In a job I, well I think I’d like
to work with people of my kind.

To make a name and make my way,
no need to pressure fam. or friends
I’d work my way and earn my life
adopt these normal ‘life’-born trends.

Yet then I see this life I have
lay once in ruins by my hand.
I’d tried my hardest, yet got nowhere
unable to understand.

And he paid that price that I would live,
he paved the way to know him more.
My tattered life he healed afresh
and stamped his mark upon my soul

Even now, I seem him call me;
one day I shall bow before
the mighty, loving, saving God
whose blood, my soul restored.

Your plan for me has always stood,
firm through my distress
your hand I know you’ll guide me by;
sure fact replaces my guess.

I may not wholly understand
the plans my Father has for me,
yet his plan for me stands sure
so my life I lay into his hands.

Burn my horizons Lord, today
I lay them at your feet
lead me down your brighter way
help me make my faith complete.

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